Stone Seat Trial in Siallagan Village

Traveling in Indonesia is very diverse, both natural and rich culture. Lake Toba is one of them. And in the middle of this lake, you will find a stunning Samosir Island with the original Batak tribe.

Samosir provides many interesting places to visit. Will be presented one by one so you can plan an exciting trip. Maybe this place will be your favourite place besides Bali and Raja Ampat.

Stone Seat Trial in Siallagan Village

You have to visit this place!!!

This place smells of mysticism, cannibals, from ancient times where the King would execute criminals and magicians by beheaded and his organs were eaten raw. You will get a unique journey here.

Siallagan village is surrounded by a 1.5 meter high stone wall. In this place you can see a row of traditional Batak house, old stone, deserted, small but worth a visit. The focus point is the ensemble of stone seats under a large tree that is quite unique. There is no entrance fee but donations (voluntary) are expected to be at the gate.

Lots of history

This place is very interesting with lots of history. Located in the village of Ambarita, Simanindo sub-district is located on the edge of Lake Toba approximately 1 Km from Ambarita, the capital of Simanindo District or 35 Km from the district capital (Pangururan). Can be reached by two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels from Tuktuk and can also be reached through the lake (tourist boat). This place is nice to trip together with you friends.

Siallagan huta development, supposedly done in mutual assistance on the initiative of the first king of Huta Raja Laga Siallagan and subsequently bequeathed to the descendants of King Hendrik Siallagan and so on to the descendants of the king Ompu Batu Ginjang Siallagan.

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