Samosir Island is a stunning beautiful island located in the middle of Lake Toba in Sumatra, the largest volcanic lake in the world. Samosir Island is formed by a new volcano cone rising from the bottom of the lake.

The island offers fresh air, relaxation with beautiful scenery, freshwater lakes, and friendly Batak people. At 630 square kilometers – slightly smaller than Singapore – Samosir is the largest island in the world in an island.

The island was born from a pair of dramatic prehistoric volcanic events, and technically the peninsula until 1906, when the Dutch dug a canal through a narrow path. Bukit Barisan mountain landscape around Lake Toba makes Samosir has a cool climate.

You will be treated to a beautiful stretch of hills with a cool blue lake. Samosir Island also presents a vast stretch of rice fields and riveting.

Row of Batak Houses

row of batak house

Visiting this row of Batak houses, you can see the part of Batak Kingdom which is very small but very interesting architecture. They are preserved well enough to see the history section. You can learn about the early Plow King and his nation, their judicial / legal system and how criminals are punished.

You can go into one of the Batak houses, and look inside. In a house, there are still fires and tools used hundreds of years ago including the currently used looms.

Around this area many sell souvenirs, carvings and other handicrafts. There is a souvenir shop like a handmade wooden statue and the price is still okay. Well if you can bargain, just negotiate a little later.

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